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Do You have the Power of the Mystic?


Most people have difficulty with the word ‘mystic’ but it is not meant to be derogatory.  A mystic, generally speaking is like a shaman.  And, like a shaman, a mystic give people the opportunity to consult the spiritual world for insight, power and wisdom.   They are the keepers of sacred knowledge and become advisors, healers, artists and teachers.   Many natural born mystics deny their powers and abilities because they seek normalcy. Those who acknowledge their gifts see their lives as a journey of experience and they are drawn to serve their fellow man.  How do you know if you have these gifts?

Here are a few signs:

You stand out of the crowd. 

Have you always chosen to be alone? Can you spend hours with only yourself for company?  When you were a child could you draw or paint or otherwise create for hours at a time? You may have been drawn to mythical and magical creatures. As an adult you may be able to put yourself in a trance so you can better visualize they signs and symbols of the other worlds.  You may be drawn to poetry and other creative outlets.


You seem to be clairvoyant.

When you were a child, you saw apparitions in your room or garden or dreams.  These ghostly visions weren’t scary but invigorating. Now, as an adult, you have hunches about something as simple as a phone call, or as complex and major world events.  You may have tried to hide these things because you are embarrassed. You should embrace your gift and develop it.

You have a family history of mysticism.

You may have had a grandparent or other older relative help you heal by serving you a tea or soup or other concoction.    This relative also could have helped you interpret your dreams or understand symbols. There are some cultures that have a reputation for their metaphysical connection to the world. .

You are familiar with the occult

If you have an affinity for mythology or an overwhelming interest in the occult and ancient histories, you may have mystical tendencies.  If this sounds like you, you may also have a deep interest in religions  and other spiritual knowledge.  You feel fulfilled when you study all of the branches of wisdom.

You’re extremely empathetic

You may often take on the feelings of others as you want to relieve others of their life burdens. You have a history of wanting to fix things, even something as simple as putting a band aid over a small scrape or moving a teddy bear because it looks lonely. If you are empath you may have received  cues from those who are suffering. This understanding my feel like a curse rather than a gift.

If you do have the powers of a mystic, you see the world as magical and dreamy.  Embrace your gift and contribute to the world as you were meant to.  Enjoy your journey through the magic adventure.

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