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Psychic Attacks

Psychic Attacks

When you get attacked by something that feel focused and negative, it can throw you off balance and make you feel upset, depressed, anxious, insecure and more  This can also cause you to have physical symptoms such as being sick, having a headache or more.  This is a mental or even a spiritual block that happens in your spirit and can cause all kinds of feelings.

Energies that come from other people can be strong, but there are also energies that come from the spirit world too.  When these energies come, they are sometimes a psychic attack.  This is not normally done on purpose because people are great and wonderful and most of them do not even realize how their energies work.  They are emotional and they don’t realize that these emotions affect others.

Some of these do try to bully others and manipulate others but this is usually for them to get something that they want.  People that are aware of this will do what they can to practice forms of witchcraft or other powers that can cause pain.

An intense focus of energy from a person that is directed at you can cause you to respond to this energy.  When it is directed to you, it can cause you to be afraid or to be upset about things.  This invites more energies to your spirit.

If you get upset or blame someone for attacking you, you will see that this is just a way that they can get power of you.

You must learn to recognize what is happening and know that it is just energy and learn to take a loving step to fix it.

What to Do in an Attack

The first thing to do is to know that it is just an energy that is attacking you and that you are just a victim of this.

Clear your own energy and learn to take a salt bath or use a sage stick.  Cleans your house of negative energies and clear out a space that can bring you peace and protect you.

Ground your energies and your chakras and allow your chi to take care of you and strengthen you.  Increase your aura and then you will not be as vulnerable to a psychic attack.  Always go out in nature as much as you can and be aware by meditating.

Shield your energy by using crystals, essential oils, visualization or meditating.  Talk to the spirit guides and ask them to protect you.

Eat food that is fresh and healthy and that is easy to digest.  Eat plant-based foods that support you being grounded and can help to cleanse your body and spirit.

Change your clothing and put something on that is fresh.  Use something that is clean and clean it with sea salt and the detergent to give you clear energies.

Think about happy things that are pure and positive.  Increase your vibes by thinking about a pleasant memory or something that makes you motived and happy.  Play something funny on television or listen to a song that is uplifting.  Dance and enjoy who you are.

Psychic Attack

The bottom thing to remember is that if you are hit with a psychic attack that you need to protect your energies.  You need to find out what is causing this attack and if you have to, go to a psychic healer and let them help you to get rid of these negative energies.  Most of the time you won’t have to do this but if you do it is okay.

Always protect yourself and ground yourself from negative things that might pop up in your life.

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