Awakening Clairvoyance and Auras

Awakening Clairvoyance and Reading Auras

Ask a group of spiritual practitioners if they know what the words “psychic energy” and “aura” mean. Most will nod their heads and answer, “Of course!” But ask a random group of people, and most of them will shake their heads and ask you, “What?”

In other words, spiritual practitioners understand that humans are made up of more than a physical body.  Most other people don’t.

What Are Auras?

To clairvoyants, auras serve as veritable windows into souls. Auras are energy fields that surround physical bodies. Clairvoyant psychics can perceive auras as colors, symbols, textures, and shapes that surround bodies. They view or sense auras energetically, allowing them to read the emotions of the people being viewed.

What Are Clairvoyants?

Clairvoyants access visual information that reveals mental and emotional facts about a person’s history and character. They are able to tune into the subtle energy fields present in both physical reality and the spiritual realm. Some are even able to receive visions of and information from the past, present, and future with their inner eye.

This is a valuable ability because if you know what someone is feeling, thinking, or doing at a given time, doors of opportunity are opened up to you. These doors are closed to everyone else. But if you don’t see with your inner eye, you won’t ever gain full access to all of your supernatural perceptive powers.

Here are four ways to help you open your inner eye and start seeing the psychic energy that’s present in all living things:

Open your mind.

We’ve all heard the old saying, “seeing is believing. “It means that: if something’s not obvious, we shouldn’t lend it credibility. But when it comes to psychic development, it’s the other way around: believing is seeing. Reality’s energetic layer is subtle. If you’re not open to believing in it, you’ll have a hard time perceiving it.

People who are born clairvoyantly blind have no idea that they can see people’s auras with their third eye. But simply by believing it can happen makes it a reality. Opening your mind is required to achieve psychic success. It’s the only belief system you’ll need. Accept supernatural perception as the truth until your tangible experiences catch up with your beliefs.

If you don’t believe clairvoyance is possible, you won’t desire or feel motivated to do the work it will take to make it a reality. So, wake up, jump in, and go with the flow. Refusing to take the first step prevents most people from awakening their clairvoyance.

Be willing to work.

When it comes to matters of spirituality, most people don’t take any action. They don’t meditate, repeat affirmations, or do energy work. They simply expect spiritual abilities to automatically manifest to them somehow. But this simply doesn’t happen for most people.

You control your spirituality, and you always have. The word “work” in this context means you will have to exert yourself and put effort into making things happen. Aspiring clairvoyants must invest sweat equity into opening their third eye.

After consistent meditation, affirmations, and energy work, your third eye will open and become active. But if you don’t think it’s worth it to invest effort into turning your spiritual dreams into reality, then just keep sitting around and wishing for it as everybody else does.

It is possible for novices to perceive auras, dream lucidly, achieve deep levels of meditation, and have out-of-body experiences. This is due to their daily work on meditation and other psychic exercises. They practice every day, which leads to genuine progress. So, just do it!

Practice mental “photography.”

This is the best way to prepare to receive psychic visions and learn to see through your inner eye. You’ll clairvoyantly receive images and information that will be revealed to you within the vehicle of your imagination. With practice and time, your imagination and inner eye will become more visual. It will eventually be like watching movies in your head.

To begin, you need to practice visualizing people, places, and scenes using only your imagination. This will fire up your psychic camera to begin capturing psychic imagery and projecting it on your mental screen. It’s a lot like daydreaming. It’s relaxing, easy, and fun!

Simply think of your inner eye as a video camera. You can take pictures with it and view them inside your head. For example, imagine that you’re sitting in your favorite chair and that you’re seeing what you usually see when you really sit there. Immerse yourself in the imagery and make it as realistic and clear as you can. If you’re able to make it so real that it seems as though you’re actually sitting there, you’re on the right track.

You can also practice by looking at a scene, then closing your eyes and trying to recreate it. Use the afterimage of the scene to help you do this. For example, look out a window for a minute during the day, or focus on a lit candle. Then, close your eyes. You’ll perceive an afterimage of what you were looking at.

Retain this afterimage for as long as you can. As it fades, use your imagination to clarify it and hold it in your inner eye’s view. Controlling your visualization, imagination, and mental imagery will prepare you to exercise visual clairvoyance at will.

Practice will make perfect.

Your inner eye requires adequate warming up and practice for it to spring into action and start working consistently. As with a car that hasn’t been driven in a long time—it will require some cajoling and coaxing to get it going again.

If you’ve never awakened and used your psychic senses, you need a serious solution to get your latent psychic senses into full working order. It can be done. You’ll need to practice diligently and regularly. You can’t do it by simply frequenting online forums or endlessly reading books. But it is possible to perceive auras and read energy fields if you approach them in the proper way.