Why Develop Your Clairvoyance?

Develop Your Clairvoyance

Some who have clairvoyance consider it a curse, some nurture their ability as a gift.  Still others want to develop this ability for self-gain.   However, you view it, there are ways to develop this ability.

Regardless of how clairvoyants process the information, some will see it in the physical world while some will see it in their minds eye, they may not be able to interpret the true meaning of what they see.  Some clairvoyants do not “see” at all. Instead, they pick up feelings and emotions through pictures or symbols.  There are some who are able to hear information through their clairaudio abilities. Some are not even aware that they have a gift to develop.

Clairvoyance is not a skill most people need.

Clairvoyant skills are not necessarily better than other spiritual gifts.   All of the psychic abilities work together. A medium, however may need clairvoyant abilities in order to speak into the spiritual world.

Many people may actually need a level of clairsentience to better “read” their instincts about people. If you have ever had a gut feeling that something was not right about someone you have just met, you are using clairsentience.   You may also have a certain level of claircognizance. This is helpful when you have an inner voice to tell you to flee from imminent danger.

How can you develop your clairvoyant abilities.

There are exercises that you can do to nurture your inherent clairvoyance.   You may only see objects and animals that you are able to associate with your spiritual side, or you may even see fully developed visions.  The main thing is to not be afraid. Just absorb the information and stay calm.

Warm up your third eye.

Imagine that you are holding seven different balloons. Visualize the different vivid colors.  Then let them go one at a time. Watch each one disappear before you release the next one.   Practice this until you get better and better at visualizing.

This type of activity works because it teaches you how to use your visual imagination. This will help the spirit world contact you.

You can also practice opening up your third eye by picturing and actually seeing the eye between your eyebrows. Imagine it opening it up.  This will set your intention to the universe that you want to see from your clairvoyance.

Telling the different between intuition and imagination.

It’s actually very simple to tell the difference between your intuition and your imagination. You are not in control of the images from the spirit world.  Your conscious brain is not creating anything. A spirit message does not need your help to get to you.

What can block clairvoyance?

Some people who have natural clairvoyant abilities don’t know because they have some kind of blockage. This blockage may have appeared as a self-preservation technique to protect them from a frightening or traumatic vision.

If this has happened to you, you can consult a psychic for an angelic healing.  You can also use a lapis or quartz crystal over your third eye to help you open the third eye back up.  And most importantly tell yourself and the universe that it is ok for you to see whatever the universe has in store for you.


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