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ESP vs Clairvoyance

ESP ( extrasensory perception )is now so well known that they are games marketed for children using the natural gifts of ESP.  ESP was once considered a forbidden subject. There are many definitions of ESP, but here is a concrete one:

ESP is the ability gain information without using any of the five traditional senses (taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing.)

Ancient civilizations in China and Egypt took ESP as a matter of course, relying on it as a way to communicate with each other, the dead and supernatural spirits.  Accounts handed down from this time describe many incidents of ESP.

Currently, some rely on ESP as a means of divining the future and obtaining their fortune.

The real question is “Is ESP real?”

Paranormal psychology is a field of science that has tested psychic  abilities. The results reveal that ESP indeed has roots in reality.  Some people have been able to guess the contents of sealed envelopes and communicate ideas with people long distances away.

Parapsychology has grown from a largely speculative science, it has grown to be a discipline dedicated to investigating the existence of psychic abilities, astrology, various areas of regression and reincarnation studies. Many reputable universities now offer parapsychology programs.

Clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition are believed to be relevant to ESP. Clairvoyance, or second sight means  that one can see events that happen far away without having any previous knowledge of the event. A clairvoyant can tell  if something wrong with a close friend or family member.  Telepathy is defined as a mental communication between two or more people. Precognition is also known as fortune telling or foresight. It involves the ability to predict the outcome of future  events. Someone  with this gift  can tell what is going to happen in the far or near future.

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