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What is clairvoyance and clairvoyant psychic readings?

clairvoyant psychic

Clairvoyance is the French word for “clear seeing”. The Clairvoyance is the psychic’s ability to see images in the mind’s eye. People who have the psychic’s Clairvoyance skills are able to see images in their mind and gain insight through an object, person or location. Clairvoyance is an extra sense …

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6 Techniques to Becoming More Comfortable

Being uncomfortable isn’t something you should simply accept. When you encounter uncomfortable situations, you shouldn’t necessarily act as though you’re ok if you’re not. It’s true that embracing some situations outside of your comfort zone can help in your personal development, but this is not always the case. First dates, …

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Psychics, clairvoyants and other lucky charms

People’s weaknesses are always taken advantage of by psychic fraudsters who assert to have predicted your lucky numbers. They will charge you before they send you those lucky numbers, talisman and other paraphernalia, which they believe, will make you rich especially when you play lotteries and games. There are some …

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All About Clairaudience

Clairaudience is one of the six intuitive abilities. Mediums and psychics who are clairaudient are able to receive messages and information through this intuitive method of hearing. The word “clairaudience” comes from the French word “clair,” which means “clear,” and the word “audience,” which means “hearing.”  It’s sometimes called “inner …

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ESP vs Clairvoyance

ESP ( extrasensory perception )is now so well known that they are games marketed for children using the natural gifts of ESP.  ESP was once considered a forbidden subject. There are many definitions of ESP, but here is a concrete one: ESP is the ability gain information without using any …

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Reasons To Choose A Clairvoyant Reading Instead

        There are some people who really choose to have a clairvoyant reading than other types of psychic reading for so many reasons. They may be curious, want entertainment or genuinely need help and advice. Some are grappling with an issue; others are in a pit of …

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Developing Your Clairvoyance Ability

I am sure that you’ve heard about clairvoyance a whole lot in psychic commercials and ads. But did you know that anyone can develop clairvoyance? Clairvoyance is an ability that everyone has, it is just a matter of whether or not one is willing to take the steps to develop …

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Signs That You’re Clairaudient and Unaware

Clairaudience is a type of psychic hearing. It literally means “clear hearing”, and is the ability to hear beyond what is considered to be the normal range. Clairaudients can hear those in spirit, and they can hear them both internally and externally. Sometimes you’ll know what you just heard was …

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Are You Becoming a Psychic?

Do you suddenly feel as if you are constantly seeing vision? Do you suddenly notice clouds or colors floating around other living creatures? Are you besieged by lights and movement in your peripheral vision? Do you experience images or visions when you are meditating? All of the above are signs …

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