Sunday , October 13 2019
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Can Anyone be Clairvoyant?

Due to the popularity of reality TV, clairvoyance is a popular topic.  Since clairvoyance is most often seen in movies, many don’t think of it as a real thing.   It is indeed real. Thousands all over the world have this talent.  That doesn’t include the people who aren’t aware they …

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Clairvoyance Meditation and Your Third Eye

The “third eye” is a person’s ability to see what might be–to see potential. Clairvoyance meditation is the key to opening your third eye. It’s a simple technique to learn, and you may be surprised at how easy it really is. You can try it right now–it only takes about …

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Tuning Into Your Clairsentience Gift

Do You Have A Clairability? Did you ever wonder if you have a clairability? That is, do you ever ponder if you could take your physical senses to a higher spiritual level, or “heightened sensing”? Using all five of your senses–taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight–is required when connecting with …

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