Monday , October 3 2022


How Important is Your Dream?

Trying to understand our dreams is very important even if they are mysterious some times. They also may be scary sometimes, or frighten us with terrifying imaginary. Many people believe that there must be some meaning to their dreams, because the dreams can be so rich and compelling sometimes. You …

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What is I Ching and it’s History

The I Ching itself began life as the Chou I, or Changes of Chou. It was the oracle of the Chou people, which they brought together at the time when they were working to overthrow the corrupt Shang dynasty. Brilliant research by Steve Marshall (published in The Mandate of Heaven) has …

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Unknown Facts about Dreams

Dreams are thought provoking. They can be mysterious. They can be puzzling. They can bring clarity and fear.  We can dream for seconds or for up to half an hour at a time.  We dream up to five times a night.  Our dreams occur during the REM stage of sleep.  …

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Finding the Path to Success

As hard as it seems, it is possible to find the perfect job. You can also find your best career and live your best life.  It takes commitment and focus, not to mention effort. The happiest people find what is best for them. Just as each person is different, each …

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