Tuesday , December 6 2022


Ways To Increase Your Clairvoyant Skills

When most people imagine a psychic, they probably think of an exotic-looking woman peering into a crystal ball and having crazy voice and movements. She wears giant hoop earrings and a long, flowing dress. In a mysterious foreign accent, she reveals what she sees in your future—usually for a steep …

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The Truth about Clairvoyants

By definition, a clairvoyant receives information intuitively.  It means clear seeing, so a clairvoyant sees  the clear truth about the past, the present and the future through their intuition. Clairvoyance comes about through the sixth sense, or third eye as it’s sometimes called. Clairvoyants can see, hear or feel their …

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What are Aura colors and what are their meanings?

What is an Aura? Every one of us is surrounded by an egg-shaped field known as Aura. The aura is described as the electromagnetic energy field which seems to surround and be generated by the human body. The Aura reflects its person’s physical and emotional conditions. The Aura consists of …

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Understanding How Clairvoyant Reading Works

A Clairvoyant Reading happens when a man sits in a seat opposite you, goes into a light daze state and lets you know about your vitality. The individual is deliberately utilizing their special insight – the capacity in the 6th chakra (focal point of the temple) to see pictures and …

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