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Psychic Readings

The Importance of a Positive Self Image

The way you think about and present yourself will have a large impact on your life, and those who are truly successful realize this and have forged their minds to think positively—both about themselves and about situations around them. When you pursue a positive self-image, it’s important to pay close …

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Psychic Abilities: A Curse Or A Gift?

There are many things in life that cannot be explained. Some people attempt to defend this by noting that as a human race, we have a lot left to learn. Developing all the time, there are many, many things which we cannot explain. The ability to be psychic; the ability to …

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Do You have the Power of the Mystic?

Most people have difficulty with the word ‘mystic’ but it is not meant to be derogatory.  A mystic, generally speaking is like a shaman.  And, like a shaman, a mystic give people the opportunity to consult the spiritual world for insight, power and wisdom.   They are the keepers of sacred …

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Change Your Mantra, Change Your Life

It’s part of human nature to talk to ourselves. The key is to discover what we are saying and figure out if the message is right. When we change from a negative message to an empowering one, we can alter the course of our lives. For me, I know I’m …

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Finding the Path to Success

As hard as it seems, it is possible to find the perfect job. You can also find your best career and live your best life.  It takes commitment and focus, not to mention effort. The happiest people find what is best for them. Just as each person is different, each …

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