Thursday , October 12 2017
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    The only good thing that you can say about Hollywood Psychics is that they are ready to offer an extended promotion of one dollar per minute.

    Other than that, one has to say that most are not real and can best be described as being fakes. For example, their service will only give you a refund for your call for just a few minutes.


    Inaccurate Information: most of the guidance provided by the reader is nothing better than real BS. The reader was also very rude and insulting and worse still the reading provided was very inaccurate. Most of the time spent with the reader was wasted on chitchat and jokes and the reader was also hostile in a veiled manner

    Arrogant and authoritative: Another dissatisfied client, in her Hollywood Psychics reviews, said that they were very arrogant as well as authoritative but more importantly they were wrong in their readings. The reader tended to miss out on important things. For example, the reader might be accurate about one point but when it came to the big picture the reader was horribly wrong and inaccurate. The information provided turned out to be wrong.

    Yet another dissatisfied client in yet another Hollywood Psychics reviews said that the reader though fast and seemingly accurate was also insulting at the same time as well as being abrasive. The reader kept on asking questions that were aimed at helping the reader provide an answer. If you do not indulge the reader they will simply hang up on you. Though the reader may have been right on certain things she did miss many things.

    Guessed answers: The worse thing about the reader was that she was dragging out the phone calls by providing guessed answers. Worse still, the reader tended to repackage whatever you told her and then will feed back this information in the guise of a reading. When questions are asked, the reader tends to provide vague answers and indulged in double speak which she tried to pass off as a reading.

    Calls were dragged on: Most clients seemed to be angry because the phone calls were being dragged on and the answers provided seemed to be no better than guesses. The answers provided were also vague and a lot of double-speak was used. The reader tried to pass of the double-speak as real wisdom. In fact her readings smacked of information gleaned from books and were at best very flaky. One customer was particularly peeved that the reader turned out to be inaccurate as well as rude.